What We Do

The Canberra Region Joint Organisation (CRJO) provides a forum for councils, State agencies and other stakeholders to work together at a regional level to identify shared priorities; delivering important regional projects and better outcomes for communities.

The CRJO’s core objectives include:

  1. Establishing strategic regional priorities and developing plans for delivering these priorities. [STRATEGIC PLANNING AND PRIORITY SETTING]
  2. Providing leadership and advocating for strategic regional priorities. [SHARED LEADERSHIP AND ADVOCACY]
  3. Identifying opportunities for intergovernmental cooperation on matters relating to the region. [INTERGOVERNMENTAL COLLABORATION]

In 2017, the NSW Parliament passed the Local Government Amendment (Regional Joint Organisations) Act 2017, to establish a network of joint organisations (JOs). The JOs are local government entities with legal powers to enable councils to work together at a regional level and with state agencies and other organisations to achieve better planning, economic development and service delivery outcomes in regional NSW.