The CRJO Board includes Mayors (voting members) and General Managers (non-voting) from each member council in the region. Our board also includes representatives from associate and affiliate member councils and organisations, as well as several NSW Government departments.


As an integral component of the CRJO’s structure, the General Managers Advisory Group (GMAG) functions to provide recommendations to the Board. Members of GMAG include the General Manager or CEO of each member, associate member, or affiliate member council, who meet at least once per quarter in the weeks prior to the Board meeting. GMAG is delegated by the Board to create working groups and networks as required to assist the delivery of the CRJO’s functions.


Working groups are smaller, targeted committees dedicated to collaboratively addressing specific issues within the region. Working groups include representatives from each member, associate member, or affiliate member council, as well as relevant government and industry guests. These groups meet quarterly and report directly to GMAG. The current working groups operating within the CRJO include:


Major decisions are made by consensus within the CRJO. Items are initially raised with the General Managers Advisory Group (GMAG), and then considered by the CRJO Board. Decisions shall be reached in accordance with the CRJO Code of Meeting Practice which includes:


With the aim of improving regional cooperation, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been established between the ACT Government and the CRJO. The CRJO and the ACT Government acknowledge the important relationship between the Australian Capital Territory and the surrounding NSW South East and Tablelands Region.

The proximity of the region to Canberra and the continuing impact of the nation’s capital on the growth and prosperity of the region requires close cooperation and collaboration between the parties to ensure strong mutual benefits for our communities.

The CRJO agrees the ACT Government shall be an associate member of the CRJO. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) provides a framework for the cooperation and collaboration between the CRJO and the ACT Government.