Policies, Procedures & Publications

The CRJO operates under the auspices of a Charter and model code of conduct as well as a suite of policies covering operations, finance, HR, and information technology. Each year at the first meeting of the Board following adoption of the Budget the CRJO will review the suite of policies and procedures and adopt any new items and or amendments to exiting policies or procedures. During the year new policies or procedures may be developed and will operate in draft from until adopted at the annual review meeting.

The CRJO prepares an annual performance statement each year to report on progress against our Strategic Regional Priorities and operations.

The CRJO also develops regional strategies on behalf of member councils including for Waste and Resource Recovery and gives consideration to other relevant regional and state plans and Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs).

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CRJO Compendium of Policies and Procedures
2020/21 Annual Performance Statement
CRJO Regional Waste Strategy
Annual Performance Statements
Memorandum of Understanding – CRJO & ACT