Welcome to the Bushfire-Resilient Housing Toolkit

Your guide for taking action today.

Over the last two decades Australia has experienced a number of devastating fires. Eight local government areas across South Eastern NSW are home to some of the worst affected and most vulnerable communities.

The intensity and severity of bushfires projected to increase, so too will the impacts. We need to improve the bushfire resilience of existing homes.

Now is the time for practical action.

The Canberra Region Joint Organisation and their partners created a toolkit for residents, industry and councils to help make existing homes more bushfire ready.  This project is proudly funded by the New South Wales Government, with assistance from Local Government NSW, the Minderoo Foundation, Edge Environment and the Insurance Council of Australia. 

Together, we can each play our part in making bushfire ready homes accessible, affordable and aspirational. 

The home you love with the peace of mind you need.
Your guide to improving your home against the impact of bushfire.

Apply this toolkit in your region. Improve the bushfire resilience of homes in your region with our guide, tools & templates.

Your step by step guide to engaging your community on climate change.

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